Sound Healing and Onsite Wellness
Your Holistic Options


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    Tuning Fork Therapy
    Subtle vibrations balance and strengthen the auric field and chakras and impact the body at a cellular level.
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    Weighted tuning forks are gently placed on muscles, bones, and/or acupuncture points to relieve tension, stiffness, and pain. A gentle therapeutic vibration is conducted throughout the body to promote healing and wellness.
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    Tibetan Bowl Toning
    The power of your own vocal tones combine with the enchanting sounds of the Tibetan singing bowls. You will align, protect and cleanse your energy centers.
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    Chakra Detection &Balancing
    By detecting the size and patterns of your chakras, I am able to work on which areas of your body needs rebalancing, toning, & healing. This benefits the governing nervous centers & endocrine glands of the particular chakra and is beneficial in many ways.
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    Meditation/Crystal Singing Bowls
    Multiple meditation techniques will be experienced to see which practice resonates with you. You will transcend and be inspired. Crystal Singing bowls may be added to enhance the meditative state.
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    Qi Gong
    Qi Gong means "energy cultivation." This ancient Chinese practice combines breath, gentle movement, and awareness of the body's energy systems. Qi Gong will balance and invigorate your mind, body, & spirit.
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    Various essential oils will be suggested upon your individual needs. You will learn the various ways to use natural plant and flower essences and share the benefits with friends and family.
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    As a white light Reiki practitioner, I will bring peace and comfort to your mind, body, and soul in a tranquil and compassionate way. Whether you are recovering from a serious illness or are in perfect health, Reiki's way of light is benficial for all
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    The body is mapped on points of the feet, hands, and ears. By applying light pressure to certain points of these areas, balance and harmony is achieved through the organ systems in the body.



30 - 90 minute sessions

$1.00 per minute